Monday, 27 January 2020

New Floor New You!

New year, new you - but we like to state new flooring, new you! Refurbishing your home can be quite a big and expensive endeavor, but we could guarantee that if you do choose to take care of your house to a makeover, but then not only will it provide your space a fresh lease of life, but also you as well! But with so many options it can be quite hard to pick, so we've produced a succinct overview of each flooring we sell and assist you in making the best decision.

Real wood

Actual wood flooring comes in two variations: solid and engineered. The main difference between the two is that engineered is compatible with underfloor heatingsystem, whereas strong isn't, so don't fall in love with a good product if underfloor heating is important to you. Thus, we'd recommend thinking about whether you want this feature, then you can narrow down your search and make matters simpler.

We'd recommend hardwood floors if you are trying to give your home a luxurious and ageless allure. Not only does real wood look magnificent and classical, but is exceptionally durable and will stand the test of time and heavy use if cared for properly. Furthermore, real wood can also be scratch, stain and water resistant, but we'd think twice about placing it in rooms that have high exposure to those as they can cause harm. However, one of real wood's enormous benefits is that it is able to be sanded down numerous times depending on depth to eradicate any stains and scratches. This should not normally have to be done for the first 15-20 decades, so you can only imagine how long beautiful floors can survive!

With all these forests types, patterns and finishes available you'll be spoilt for choice. We offer trendy grey wood, warm cherry colors, to bold walnut browns. Concerning finishes, there's oiled, brushed and lacquered to only name a few. If you want to learn about these in more detail, check out our endings clarified blog.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Although most of us lust after the appearance of real wood in our houses, sometimes we only want something at a less expensive price and easier maintenance. The good news you get some very convincing imitations of genuine wood through LVT, with much better functional benefits. LVT is water, scratch and stain evidence, perfect if you come from a busy family where these are sadly a part of the regular grind! A number of them come with a textured surface, so not only do they seem like wood but feel like it too!

Another point to say about LVT is that you are not forfeiting real wood's remarkable durability. LVT is incredibly durable and ideal for large foot traffic rooms and industrial usage. It's also in a position to deal with under floor heating -- there are not any negatives!


The cheapest selection of floors, laminate is ideal if you are seeking to refurbish your house on a budget, yet good for first-time buyers! Again, in addition, it imitates natural materials like real wood, stone and tile, you will get that genuine look you are after.

Yep -- laminate is also able to operate with underfloor heatingsomething we are watching more and more of modern homes, so it might be well worth getting on board with this tendency if you can as it gives your house an added selling value! Scratch, water and stain resistant, laminate is a easy going and easy to maintain flooring. We offer a huge choice of affordable and remarkable laminates in a variety of colors and patterns.