Friday, 4 September 2020



Hardwood flooring is magnificent but as the chilly weather starts to creep in a lot of men and women find they can feel somewhat cold underfoot. Whilst this could be the case, you can find a couple of things that you can do to take the chill from your hardwood flooring, and make a lot more comfortable to tread on during the colder months of the year.


Prior to your hardwood flooring is laid down it is crucial to ensure that the ideal insulation is installed . We specialise in timber flooring at the Chelsea Area and would suggest that you have a proper conversation with the company fitting your flooring. This will ensure that you're getting the ideal degree of insulation fitted with your floors so that you may enjoy it to the fullest, every time of year it's.

You might prefer to go one step farther than insulating material and consider having underfloor heating before the hardwood is set in place. This is an perfect solution if you are experiencing glueless floors fitted.


Whilst there's not any denying that carpeting can provide a beautiful decorative touch on your flooring, they can also help make it a bit warmer underfoot also. It would be smart to think about the dimensions and shape of the room when buying rugs to go in your own hardwood floors as clearly you still would like to have the ability to observe a number of the flooring too. Runners look especially stunning in halls that have hardwood floors also, of course, provide the additional advantage of protecting the surface of your floors from any debris and dirt that gets tracked into your house on people's shoes.

Pick rugs that complement the style of your own room and function well with the color of your favorite hardwood floors. This can make it look as though they are a part of your d├ęcor as opposed to an afterthought you have bought to produce the floor warmer.


It might appear rather obvious but your flooring will absorb the cold, therefore it is important to shut the doors immediately when you come in from outside so as to minimise vulnerability to a fall in the temperatures. It's this drop that will make your floors look particularly cold and unwelcoming underfoot, and this can also lower the temperature of the whole room as well making it feel colder than it should.